About Gilplum

Gilplum’s first adventure into the sims started when he was nine, and has since grown into quite the life changer, since he was first abducted by the Simislaus River back in 2011. Nowadays he spends his time caring for his usually Alien sims in Sims 4, or his many- and we do mean, many- Families and pets on The Sims 3.

His current projects include:

the Build Newcrest Legacy- rules found here

The Key- An Apartment Legacy coming soon (so, maybe he bends the rules a little bit..)

The Tribe of Newcrest/Alatea- a Tribal Legacy founded in Newcrest

And, last but not least ; “Changeling”; A Vampire Legacy coming soon!

Gilplum is usually a very nice guy- despite having a curse in his name- is usually sad, and tends to makes his sims hurt as much as he does. Love the angst or hate it, that’s up to you! Please don’t hesitate to talk to him, he loves making new friends.