Marisol-Dove 14


Sixam sounds absolutely stunning! I told Robin and Alec some of the things you said, and I don’t think I’ve seen a more excited expression on their faces- as they went to bed last night Alec told me he hoped he could see the planet one day. And then all today, they would giggle randomly- (its Saturday, and everyone was home) I think it’s because they were talking to each other but they didn’t say when I asked. Soon, they’ll be little kids. While I”m looking forward to it, I’m also going to miss teaching them to do things, strangely enough. I think my favorite thing to teach them was how to walk and talk. Alec liked walking much more than talking, and Robin took to talking like water in a pool. They’ll both do great things when they’re old enough, of that I’m sure. Maybe they’ll pave the way for human-alien interaction. Maybe Robin will be a doctor and help people, maybe Alec will become an interstellar traveler. I don’t know yet, and neither do they, but I do know that they’ll do great and make their old mom proud. Speaking of children, How are Kiya and Kari? Are they well? And you and your partner? I’d love to be able to meet all of you, and introduce you to Robin and Alec, but I think it may have to wait until I get a steady paying job and can afford to take some time off. This letter isn’t anywhere near as long as I would like it to be, And it’s not all that picture filled (I’ve mentioned before that the two of them are a handful, It’s getting worse the closer they get to their next birthday) And I’d rather not send you blurry little toddlers that are unidentifiable other than their skin, but I’d love some pictures of you and your family to show the twins- they keep asking me who I’m writing all the time (more specifically, “Mommy who?” or, “Who write?”) and I think it would be good to put faces to the names I give them.

Until next time,



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