Marisol-Dove 12


was that what those devices were for? Kiya and Kari as toddlers are the cutest sight, I especially love the Dinosaur onesie- though, I doubt either Robin or Alec would be up to wearing them. I rather like how they look as aliens, so I think I’ll let them run about in their blue skin until they get a bit older and can decide for themselves which they like more.

I don’t have many pictures of them save for the two I sent you, unfortunately, as it is incredibly hard to get them to sit still to eat, let alone long enough for me to take a picture. Even with my neighbor Raj’s help, I can’t manage to get them under control for longer than it takes to put them to bed.

So, you met Maki when you were both young but her parents convinced her it was a dream? It sounds amazing that you met then, but also seems upsetting that she forgot!

Dove, this is somewhat weird to ask, but do you think you could explain more of Sixam to me? My aunt never went into much detail when she talked about it, and eventually she didn’t talk about it at all, but I would like the twins to know about the planet they were born on, when they’re old enough to understand.

Much gratitude, Marisol


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