Dove-Marisol 10

(Just so you know, the letters are a few years behind the actual storyline, Alec and Robin are now cute little seven year-olds)


I’m SO sorry it took me so long to reply, But toddlers are a handful! Especially these two! I turn around to deal with a whiny Alec, and Robin has off and toddled out of the apartment! She gives me those cute looks of hers though, and of course I can’t stay mad at her, she’s too sweet. Alec is curious about EVERYTHING! I couldn’t believe it when he spoke his first full sentence- “Mama, I’m hungry.”

So, you and your girls are alien as well? That’s amazing! How did your partner take it when she found out? And on that note, have any dating advise? (Just kidding, almost all my time is focused on Alec and Robin, there’s no way I could balance a relationship with someone right now as well!)

They have strange colored markings on their face- Alec’s is white, and Robin’s is green, but they stand out on their blue skin, and I’m worried of what will happen if they don’t grow out of them in the future. But I’ll worry about that when the time comes for it.

I moved into a bigger apartment (did I already tell you? I may have, but it’s slipped my memory) and now that they are toddlers, they get a separate room from mine, right across the living room. This apartment is still too small though, and I’m probably going to have to move again when they get older to give them their own rooms. They are rather cute though, and I’d love to spoil them- but not until I have a better job, all my paychecks are going to necessities like diapers, food, and bills.

Anyways- I don’t have many pictures of them right now, but here are the ones that I do have!

until next time, Marisol.


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