1.8 the married life- now with twins!

Robin was settling well to Micheal being a part of our household, I think, but Alec, on the other hand.. He’s been getting so angry randomly for no reason. He’ll catch Micheal and I cuddling on the couch and slam off to the room he shared with Robin, muttering to himself. The other day he burst out that Micheal was stealing me away from him, and I spent the next few hours comforting him and assuring him that I would always put them first, no matter what. They were my children, and I loved them both with all my heart. He was still weary of Micheal, but things were getting better.

I’ve been feeling… off, for the past few days, and it’s not something I’ve ever before experienced. I asked Raj about it, and he just gave me a pen and told me to look up how to use it. Apparently, he thinks I’m pregnant. I mean, it makes sense, of course he would know when someone was pregnant (three kids do that to you, apparently.)

05-25-17_7-29-18 PM.png
“LOOK! I mean, I dont have a baby bump right now but you’re gonna be a daddy again!” “You’re serious?”
05-25-17_7-29-52 PM.png
“Yes I’m serious!” “WOAH!!!!”

Oh boy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited, but what about Micheal? And the twins? Alec is possessive of me enough, I don’t want to think about how upset he’s going to be when he realizes that “Mommy has another baby in her tummy.” Robin might take it better, she’s been complaining that she wants someone to play princess pretend with. (She tried once with Alec, who threw a fit because Robin wouldn’t let him be the queen, and they refused to play with each other for a week.) But I don’t even know the gender of the baby yet! Ah, this is making me nervous.

05-25-17_7-33-20 PM.png
“Hehe.. Think she’ll like princess pretend?” “… Maybe they will.”

So, Alec was grounded after he set fire to the scientist’s table I got him, twice. Both times I had to run to put it out, but what worries me is that he just stood in front of it. I had to physically tug him away from it. I wonder what has him just standing there? I had to sell the scientists table (We only got 84$ in insurance for it, both times) and I don’t think we’ll be able to make rent this week (At least, not until I can get that easel and paint for two hours, because then I’ll get the rest of my paycheck)

05-25-17_7-37-36 PM.png
“But.. I thought we were good as we were?” “We are good, but just because mommy is having another baby doesn’t mean shes forgetting you.”

POLL IS CLOSED, thanks for the votes ❤ I’ll post the results at the end of 1.10 (Maybe not a screenshot of the desktop because my computer hates them for some reason)

Also, some screenshots of what happened after Raj and his kid came over… Everything they were near went on the blitz

 Including the electrical box there… sigh. AND THEN, when I hired someone to fix it? They TOOK all their money! All 190 simoleans worth! It was SO annoying because I immediately had to have Micheal get a job that paid more so they can pay bills (deep sigh) We should be moving soon though, so keep an eye out!


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