1.7 Children’s wedding Bells

“Mama, hey, hey, mama! Are you and Mr. Vida gonna get married?!” Robin asked excitedly, and Marisol could feel her face warming. “Wha- Robin! That-” Robin cut her mother off with excited rambling.

05-24-17_8-46-29 PM.png

“Because Mr. Vida said he liked you a lot and thought you were sUPER pretty and of course I agreed with him cause you are super pretty mama, did you know? And then, then he said yeah one day I think I’ll marry her because you guys and her are amazing and I cant see my life without you in it and, and, and-”

05-24-17_8-47-12 PM.png

Marisol stopped her daughter with a gentle hand, calming herself down as well from her flustered state. “Robin, I know we’ve talked about all this gossiping, sweetheart.” Robin lowered her eyes with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, mama..” Of course, the news left Marisol in a state of confusion- Yes, she and Micheal had been dating for a few years now, but was he really ready to take things that far?

05-24-17_9-07-02 PM.png

Marisol had been accepted into the Critic career- and it called for things like Bubble Blowers and Easels. Which, after bills that day, Marisol only had enough money for one- that was even with selling the big couch in the living room- the Bubble blower. she spent a few hours of research with it before she sold it back to its owner (complaining that it didn’t work was the trick) and wrote an article on them. She’d have to wait and do side jobs to get the money for the Easel, but her daughters words from this morning kept distracting her, as did the fact that neither Robin nor Alec had changed into their true forms since last week. Had something happened to them while they were at school? it worried Marisol, but she figured that for now, she could shower in preparation for the date Micheal had asked her out on.

05-24-17_9-38-23 PM.png

It happened! Micheal got down on one knee in front of the bar we had our first date at four years ago and proposed to me, going into this long and adorable rant about how he couldn’t imagine the rest of his life without me and the kids in it. Of course I said yes, and this happened right after. I was going to ask him to stay the night, but he shook his head and told me to get some rest so we could start planning the wedding. I explained to him that the most we could do was a little celebration at home (I wanted Robin and Alec to feel comfortable and in their own skins again and they probably wouldn’t do that in a park) and he understood and agreed with me, promising to come by next week so we could exchange vows.

One week later

05-24-17_11-06-04 PM.png

05-24-17_11-06-55 PM.png

05-24-17_11-07-29 PM.png

05-24-17_11-07-38 PM.png

05-24-17_11-14-42 PM.png


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