1.7 Vida

Okay, I have some interesting news. You remember how I spoke of Officer Vida? Well, I ran into him again- but it wasn’t during work, don’t worry, I’m fine! I was taking the twins out some time after their third birthday (think about two weeks) and I ran into him. Literally. It was a mess. Alec and Robin were giggling above me and I was awfully embarrassed. Micheal, I learned, was a sweet hearted gentleman and helped me up, both of us apologizing. My face was probably a tomato, because yeah he looked good in uniform, but out of it was even better. He wore a professional looking outfit, with tan pants and a sweater over a button down that had a tie. A tie! He took full blame for the incident, and took the twins and I out for a stop at the cafe. He explained that he had moved in with his brother, Aubrie, who was preparing for his own children, and gave Micheal the little broom closet room on the first floor of their home. I felt bad for him and offered my couch if he ever needed it, but warned him that the twins were light sleepers and had a tendency to wake up crying in the middle of the night. He smiled and told me it was probably better than waking up in the middle of the night because Aubrie was vomiting. I winced in sympathy, while I myself had never experienced pregnancy, Raj had come over plenty of times to return his food into my toilet. It wasn’t fun and almost got Raj banned multiple times. Well, I handed Micheal my number and told him to call me if he needed a place to crash. Instead, we’ve been texting. Nothing big! Just him asking for pictures of the twins and I- it’s really sweet, and I can admit I was wrong about him, especially with how much time he spent caring for them during our outing, as well! They wanted to play, he’d happily wrangle with them and let them climb all over him. They were hungry? he bought them food. He’s a real sweetheart, and its the same over text. I’m really starting to feel something for this guy!


I’m back four years later to write that my past self was right! We’re so in love! The twins LOVE him! Go past self!! We did it! We found someone, and I couldn’t be any happier (well, maybe with another little one- but I’ve got to talk Alec and Robin into it, I’m sure Micheal will love the idea, though. Anyways, I got a job! I’m working as a part-time photographer/fashion designer! Life is great! But I’ve got to go now, Micheal is coming over tonight and told me to dress fancy, we’re going out for dinner.


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