1.6 Toddler Life

Its shocking, to think that only half a year ago I would wake up, and have two little babies cooing at me with their big eyes, reaching up to get me to pick them up. That only sixth months ago I was stressing over money (I’ll be honest, I still am, but with Robin and Alec toddlers now, I can get a real job instead of working part time (if even that some days) at the Qwik-mart) and scrambling to cover the rent for that period, and move everything into the apartment. Now, I’m woken by my little Alec crying over a dream, or tugging on the blanket on my bed and babbling for food- The other day I swear he almost said a full sentence. Robin, my curious little angel, oh, she’s brilliant but just adores running around the apartment and outside.. I had to install a gate soon after I found out what she was doing, and where she would disappear to. Of course, there are still sleepless nights where they wake each other up with nightmares, or stinky diapers- Potty training is an endeavor all its own, but they’re learning- or some other thing, but I just adore them so.

Im not sure if the mark on their faces means anything, but they’re the sweetest, really. I tried a couple of dates recently, but no one seems to be clicking.. It’s disappointing to say the least. I want them to experience a whole family, and be a part of it, but as soon as I bring up the twins and share a picture, they- my date- hit the hills. Girls, guys, a few in-betweens, too, none of them stick too long once Alec and Robin are added to the mix- and if they can’t accept my babies, we can’t date. Of course, they get all sputtery and indignant, saying I should state first before all if I have children or not at the start of the date. I can see where they come from, but I also have an obligation to watch and care for my children, so of course I wait and judge their character before I share. Gosh, I sound like an old lady, don’t I? All cynical about people in general. Anyways, Alec and robin are both going to be turning three, soon. Thank science for knowing their ages better than I do- I even got official “Alien Birth Certificates” for them, they hang in my bedroom until Robin and Alec are old enough to know why and what they’ll need them for. Raj has been trying some stuff on me, trying to pull off flirting, but really, I only see him as an older brother to me and an uncle slash guardian if anything happens to me and I can’t take care of them or something like that. It’s dangerous, working at a Qwik-mart in San Myshuno, as I found out the other day when one of my co-workers reported a robbery at gun-point.. Makes me shiver to think about it, honestly. But, Mai- the guys name- says that the cops that did the initial report were super cute, especially Officer Vida. I found it ironic that an officer would have a last name that roughly translates to mean “life”. Of course, this was hours before I was due for my shift, but Mai caught a picture of him working- and I have to admit, he’s pretty damn cute. He probably wouldn’t react too well to Alec and Robin, though. Sorry, cynical again. Anyways, I have to go, while I’m putting out my resume for a new job I still work at the Qwik-mart. Until next time.


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