Marisol-Dove 8


Well, it was rather strange. I woke up that morning, someone was knocking on my door, but when I went to check all that was there were them in their bassinets. I didn’t see anyone around, but I did see a piece of paper in there with them. It was some form of instructions, I think, to send them back to where they came from, but I couldn’t do that- I mean, they need a mom, right? I’ll take your advice the next time I see the doctor, and no, this isn’t my first experience with aliens. I don’t usually share this with anyone, and I know I never mentioned her to you before except maybe in passing- but, my mom’s best friend, Lilly, is actually an Alien. my mother knew when they met in high-school, my father learned when he and my mother married, and I learned when I was old enough to understand the concept of Aliens- when I was ten or so. I’ve known her my entire life and it didn’t change my view of her when I met her, she was still someone I considered- and still consider- my aunt.

Things have been good with them so far- they didn’t have anything that pertained to a name, so I named the girl Robin and the boy Alec. They’re both very easy going, and only want the basics- milk, cuddles, clean diapers, and rest. They cry when I’m not fast enough to change their bottle or diaper, but quiet down as soon as I have, so its relieving. Both of them seem to be really healthy, and get the cutest smiles when I cuddle them.

It was sudden, I’ll admit, but nothing I can’t handle. And no, don’t worry about money, Dove! Keep your money, I’m okay, I had enough saved up to move into a bigger apartment and buy some items to prepare for the toddler stage. They sleep in their bassinets in my room, so I can be there when they need me. I’m actually.. really excited about this? I’ve always wanted kids, and this is one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten, albeit one of the noisier ones, but I already love them so much. I dont think I’d be able to get over it if something were to happen to them on my watch, you know? Anyways, I have to go- I stayed up late to write this, and Alec is crying. I’ll update you soon, dove!


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