1.5 Adulthood and.. other difficulties

It’s been three days since my birthday, and one day since.. well, since I had a surprise. Or, more accurately, two surprises. With names. and Diapers. And unnecessary screaming. Oh boy. If you haven’t guessed by now, there are now two babies permanently living with me. They aren’t mine! I can assure you I’m more responsible than that, But they just.. showed up, out of the blue, (ha, ha) the morning after my birthday. They’re really.. cute.

05-16-17_11-41-35 PM Especially with their.. unusual skin color. So, I don’t really think I’m ready to be a parent just yet,and there was a note that apparently was for both of them, with rough English that I guess meant they were instructions to send these two precious things back to their “Home World”, but There’s no way I could do that, even to a baby, who probably wouldn’t even remember me. It’s not right. So, I’m going to the adoption agency to get this all legalized, I guess. Say that my alien friend that passed away left them in my care or something, I’ll think of something.

Oh, I almost forgot! Their names are Robin and Alec- at least, from what I could understand of the strange language on the note. It looked fare more complicated than that, but that’s what I could gather. So, I also saved up enough money to move, AND I’ve still got enough left over to make the first rent payment, but after that.. Man, I need to decide on my career- I don’t have enough for university, so goodbye past hopes of getting a fine arts or science degree, sigh. Anyways, here’s how the house looks, and Rose and Alec’s new bassinets- Don’t ask me, they suddenly showed up so I just sold the other ones.

I have a lovely little balcony now, and once I get a bit more saved up, I’ll buy some planter boxes and plant some trees and fruits/veggies. Sure, it’s a bit rundown, with the water pipes and electrical box showing in it, but I can work with it! It came fully painted, at least, with nice floors. I also bot the twins beds, toilets, and highchairs for when they’re toddlers, so that I’m prepared now without needing to use my saved up money to get it for them later. I don’t know when their birthdays are, I think they’re kind of close to them, though. They look almost to be about.. I wanna say.. five or sixth months old? I also have some sad news.. You remember Lilly, my mothers friend? Well, apparently she got eaten by a cowplant last week.. I’m kind of sad about it. Anyways, I have a resume to write, a job to find, and a baby-sitter to hire for the twins. I hope I’ll be able to write before their birthdays, but they’re still babies and need a lot of attention, so if not, until then!


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