Marisol-Dove 6

Quick alert that what you’re going to be reading in this letter is going to spoil some of 1.5, so readers who like to read Marisol’s story solely with herself, I would advise skipping this letter until I’ve published 1.5!

Dear Dove,

A now older and- kind of feeling- more mature Marisol is writing you today, the day after her eighteenth birthday! Admittedly I don’t feel much different, other than my voice being way deeper than it was- its strange to hear myself speak now! It wasn’t very eventful yesterday, I’ve had a girl over a couple times now throughout the past two weeks, but we’re kind of odd around each other.. we- or more, I- keep making things awkward- but I’m not sure how I am, exactly. Her name is Morgan, and she says that she and her family live in a place called.. Windenberg, I think? I’ve heard of it in geography, but I’ve never been, though she makes it sound fun, so maybe I’ll take a trip there since I’m unsure of what I’m going to do just yet- but she left a while before I baked the cake, and Raj dropped by but had to leave too- He was trying to talk to me about watching his daughter, Leanne, but I had birthday plans so I had to turn him down.

I had a giant slice of chocolate birthday cake, and felt.. well, really intelligent! I think maybe I’ve developed the Genius Trait.. Anyways, I made the cake from scratch! It wasn’t as good as my moms cakes used to be, but it’ll do. Unless I find someone who will cook for me, haha. Besides the point, heres a picture of Young Adult me and the cake!

05-14-17_1-33-46 AM.png

So, on a more adult-styled note, I wanted to ask you how fun you have at your job? I’m contemplating science or Modelling- the.. photography part, of course- for my career choices, but I want to have beforehand knowledge. If not either of those, there’s always becoming an astronaut! … Of course, I’d probably need space flight experience and I’ve got no room in my apartment for a launch-pad and the space-craft itself. Plus, I doubt my neighbors would appreciate me taking off inside the apartment.. Its probably a lot of noise. Anyways! There is something else I wanted to talk to you about.. but, I’m not sure how to approach it.

do you..

05-16-17_11-40-44 PM.png

know how to take care of alien babies?

05-16-17_11-41-35 PM.png


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