Marisol-Dove 4


It’s been far too long, and I completely blame school and work for it, with standardized tests and long weekend hours. My birthday is in two weeks though, so that’s exciting- it’s also the end of school, and I’ll officially be able to get a full time job! (Bills seem to be getting more expensive and draining my funds so easily now, even on my 200+ simoleans a weekend salary, sigh)

Anyways, I’m glad they’re so close and have each other! I would have loved to have a sister, but my parents had been adults when they had me, so it was unlikely unless they adopted. I hope that things stay well with them, they’re absolutely adorable- and their school pictures are amazing! I’m sure they have a lot of fun exploring the city as well- I know I have! I visited the Spice Festival last weekend, and let me tell you, that was an amazing experience! Back in Oasis Springs, we never had Festivals, so being to one for the first time was awesome! There were so many people and kids, and everyone looked like they were having fun- even if some of them had flames coming from their mouths. Some of the city-goers that were there dared me to enter the Spice Challenge, so of course, I did (I can never deny a good dare) and amazingly, I won. I got a cool shirt and bragging rights until next Spice Festival. (I’ll admit, the food wasn’t as spicy as I was expecting.)

Anyways, what do you and your family like to do in your free time/ time off? When I was a kid, my mom and I went on picnics at the park and my dad would join us on his lunch break. I also thought you should know, as part of my support group, that I haven’t cried in a month, and the month before this one I went to Oasis Springs to see their graves.

I think that’s all, here’s some pictures of what happened last weekend and this week.


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