1.4 Almost there

I know I haven’t updated in forever, so im going to write this chapter but keep it kind of short so that I can focus on the next chapter and her next letter to Dove 🙂 (Ooooo, it’s almost her birthday guys)

Raj had his son, Dajon a while ago, and hes already so big! He likes when I come over and gives him baths, Raj says he gets so excited when I’m mentioned. He also loves when we play, but with school and work, I only get an hour or so with him every two days. My schedule has become so hectic with finals, P-SATs, and SATs.. not to mention my birthday is only two weeks away.. Ah, I’m anxious thinking about it. It’s almost been a whole year since I moved, and my parents… Well, I’m ready to get a full time job – But I still don’t know what it’s going to be.

Oh, big news. Raj thinks he’s pregnant again, exciting, right? This time he doesn’t know who the other parent is, though, poor guy. It was probably from one of the times I was babysitting Dajon while he went out and partied. His mother- (You remember Geeta) Isn’t happy that he’s not married, but she just adores Dajon.

Oh, I’ve gotten better at cooking recently, and have my garden up and started! I also went to the Spice Festival that was last weekend- it was surprisingly fun, AND I won the spice challenge! I got promoted at work, ti’s harder but the pay is better, so that’s good..

Ah, also! I got all A’s on my last report card, and my teachers said that my P-SAT grades looked promising, so hopefully that’ll help if I ever decide to go to uni..

okay, I guess that’s all, and I’m watching Dajon before class tonight, so until next time!


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