Marisol-Dove 2


I’m glad you think I’m brave, but I shared those details because I’m not ashamed of them, and I wouldn’t want someone to start writing me and then be upset when I mention something about my past- I’ve never had a pen-pal before, though I did talk to people online sometimes. I hope we can become very good friends! Your children are so adorable, and you and your partner are very beautiful!

Are Kiya and Kari close? They look like it from the picture, and you look like you’ve got a lovely life! What are some hobbies you have? I love photography and gardening, at my old home in Oasis springs my mother and I had a lovely garden out back. Of course, It’s a bit more taxing to have a garden in my tiny apartment, I don’t have a balcony so I have to keep plants in the living room, haha.

And thank you for the lovely pictures, I’d put them on my wall but I have to finish painting my bedroom , over half of it is still ugly looking unpainted dry-wall. I’m just glad I dont have pipes and electrical boxes sticking out all over the place, or rats. Maybe one day I will get assigned to drop something off at E.T.I, although I think it would be amusing for us to meet while working.. Also, thank you for your offer of becoming a part of my support group, and as you’ve already sent me a letter willingly accepting the job, means a lot to me. Thank you for already wanting to help me. Anyways, here is a picture of my Neighbor Raj’s son, Dajon. (Dajon is only a baby still, a couple of months old. Isn’t he cute?)

04-30-17_2-59-23 PM.png


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