Marisol Vega – Pen-Pal Profile (1.3 1/2)

About me : My name is Marisol Vega, I’m seventeen, and an orphan- Though, according to Oasis Spring laws, I was an adult, and moved to San Myshuno

04-24-17_11-53-04 PM

Profession : I’m currently just a Highschool student, though I am working towards getting credits for Uni on the side. I work on the weekends as a Manual Laborer at Myshuno Moving Center.

How many Pen-Pals? : At the moment, two is fine- I just need someone to talk to, I dont have many.. “Friends”, in or out of school.

04-26-17_10-02-50 PM

What qualities do you seek in a Pen-Pal : Someone who is friendly, and interesting would be nice, someone who won’t mind me asking for tons of pictures of them to tack up, and someone who won’t mind when I write a soggy letter, my journal and homework pages can get wet from tears from time to time.

Do you have a desire to meet your pen pal face-to-face? I would like to, if possible, seeing as I would like to be able to finally physically meet who I have pictures of and who I’ve been writing to.

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your reason for wanting to join the pen pal project: My mothers best friend, Lilly, suggested I join the project as a way to get out of what she describes as a ‘funk’. My life has been too repetitive for the last month and a half with nothing to keep me occupied from thoughts of missing my parents- who, sadly, passed away in front of me only two months ago- and turning into a very sad mess. I would also like to meet new people, and have more friends, as living here as what is still deemed a social stranger is awkward and incredibly difficult.


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