Lilly and the Landlord (1.3)

Geeta told me about how her second eldest child had died in a fire the other week when she came to visit- I felt so bad when she told me, but she assured me it had happened almost a year ago now. Couldn’t help but feel bad, even with living through my parents death. 04-26-17_9-52-15 PM.png The other lady from the welcoming party came with her, and so did Geeta’s.. well, something. I still dont know his name (sorry Mr. Rasoya)


Mr. Maklos, my landlord, hasn’t exactly been doing his job. I told Lilly, and.. thankfully, the problems have been fixed, but I’m scared he’s going to raise my bills in retaliation. Let’s hope he doesnt, I have a hard enough time as it is with day and night school. I want to graduate as fast as I can, and I’ve been taking some nightclass uni classes in Fine Arts, but I think it’s time to find a job… Lilly has also been trying to get me into this “Penpal Project” She found online a couple days ago.. I’ll admit, it doesnt sound all that bad, But I need to get my priorities down before I get into anything else.

It’s been about.. I want to say three weeks, But i’m sure it’s been over a month, since I moved in. School’s going great, I’m doing better than I ever did in Oasis Springs, and have A’s. Although, if I’m honest with you, I only put a lot of effort into Fine Arts. Everything else is just extra credit work towards a high grade. I started photography club here, as it’s my biggest hobby, and, you know.. I think I might become a professional photographer. Taking pictures lets me capture someone’s happiest moments- Like this one, with Raj and Geeta and Mrs. Bheeta (I think that’s her name, I feel bad for forgetting it so easily- and I ONLY remembered Raj’s now because he’s been over more and- get this- He’s pregnant! I didnt notice before, but apparently the baby is due any day now. And you can DEFINITELY TELL- He’s huge!)

04-26-17_10-00-48 PM.png

But… sometimes, I cant help it. I break down, I cry. It’s getting easier, I’m getting there, but I still cry in the shower and have nightmares. I don’t think I’ll ever get past the nightmares.

04-28-17_9-14-36 PM.png

Anyways.. Look how huge Raj is! Get this- Apparently, the dad, doesnt want ANYTHING to do with the baby, because he’s got a family already! What a jerk. Raj wasn’t all that upset though- I guess its a good thing. He even let me feel his stomach! Babies are pretty cool… And I can’t wait until the day I have my own.

04-28-17_9-17-56 PM.png

ah, I guess that’s all I have today.. Until next time.


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