Settling In (1.1)

Moving day cc from Thymeless Legacies (go read their centauri legacy,,, so many emotions i love it) Here are the painting items I used, and her hair is Stealthic’s Paradox Hair recolours (the original mesh can be found on TSR, and the recolours can be found on Pinterest) The decorative bag I used is here and sorry,but I cant remember where the coffee cups came from;;

04-25-17_1-36-33 AM.png I find it shocking how much you can get done on over ten cups of coffee and the adrenaline of becoming a new person. Technically speaking, it wasn’t even close to being done, but so far, I was proud with the outcome. The walls where the tarp was had been painted to look like the night sky instead of the original drywall look, and I still needed to order new flooring, but My home was starting to come together. Here’s some pictures of how it looks, and the view from one of the windows (Pretty, don’t you think? I love the murals)

04-25-17_1-33-23 AM.png

04-25-17_1-34-10 AM.png

04-25-17_1-34-15 AM.png

04-25-17_1-34-39 AM.png04-25-17_1-36-33 AM.png04-25-17_1-35-37 AM.png

The handtruck was left by the movers, so I shoved it into a corner to be dealt with later- either sold, or returned if I could get a hold of the company. But just looking out the window for now is good, its so much more different from home.. There’s better trees, and while there isn’t much other than that, there are gorgeous murals like the ones outside my window. While it’s unusual to me to see so much concrete, I’m sure that soon enough I’ll get used to it, but I still need to unpack my desk so i can do my homework.. But, apparently, that would have to wait, because as soon as I sat on my bed, I passed out.


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