Moving Day (1.0)

04-24-17_11-53-04 PM.png

04-24-17_11-53-12 PM.png

[Name : Marisol Vega]

[Age : Teen/16]

[Traits : Creative, Perfectionist]

[Aspiration : Soulmate]

[Occupation : current High School Student]

[Address(es) : Current : Spice district, San Myshuno/Previous : Bedrock Straights, Oasis Springs]

I’ve never before realized just how bumpy the road from Bedrock Straights of Oasis Springs to the Spice District of San Myshuno was, but then again, I’ve never before been out of Oasis Springs in general. It was a change, to see the new scenery, fading from the tan sands of my home town to grasslands of newcrest, and then shopping districts of Magnolia Promenade, and then the imposing tall apartments of San Myshuno. The trip as a whole on the road took a whopping twelve hours, but that wasn’t counting the stops my ride and I took. You’re probably wondering why I’m moving so far from home, and why someone else is driving instead of me. well, to answer your first question, its because my parents died a few months ago, and the meager savings they left me could barely cover the bills- and as a teenager in Oasis springs, it was incredibly difficult for me to find a job. I’m hoping that moving here will be better- I also inadvertently answered why someone was driving instead of me. Lilly, my ride, was one of the only people who helped me while I was still in Oasis Springs, and believed I would go far in the future. She was my mothers best friend, and helped with the bills whenever she could, which admittedly wasnt that often. But rent in the apartment I had chosen would be cheap, but I haven’t even gotten to see the interior yet. We pulled up and she let me out, giving a wave before heading back to Oasis Springs, leaving me to wonder if I was excited or worried as I watched the movers carry boxes into my new home. I would wait for them to leave before I began to unpack and look around, and settle in. I knew the walls would be bare so while the movers brought in my boxes, i ran down to a market I had seen in passing and bought some Paint supplies. By the time i had gotten back, the movers were gone.

04-25-17_1-37-17 AM.png

The door in front of me seemed like nothing special to anyone else, but to me it was an almost cruel reminder that this was my life now. It was surprisingly odd to see such a plain door from the ones that had decorated my old home- I’m already considering it my old home- But it was mine. I was no longer the girl to be pitied from Oasis Springs, who’s entire family died in a house fire. No, I was Marisol Veras, of the Spice District, the girl no one knew the past of. And I would embrace it, and no one- not one person, Would know of my past.


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