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Oullette discontinued/re-invented

So, as of currently, I, Gilplum, am more than likely going to discontinue this family legacy (mostly because I dont have motivation for it anymore, but also partly because I cheated/forgot the rules and ended up aging everybody up and watching Marie and Siobhan grow old and pass… Oops.) BUT! Don’t worry, current and future readers, this is not the last of the Oullette legacy! In fact, Jack will possibly my new legacy gen husband, if I’m honest with you, because I really adore how he looks. I will, most definitely, stick better with this new project as i will be breaking one rule and starting out as a teen (Once again.. Oops.) But i cant decide if it’s going to be the vampire legacy, a new newcrest legacy, or the apartment legacy… But stay tuned for the first chapter of that! I will also be leaving up the previous chapters of the Oullette legacy, and you will get to meet the would-be heir, their daughter Rosalie. Who knows, maybe the new legacy founder will be friends with her! Im also going to be asking to borrow some sims from certain writers for the future… (cue gilplums evil laughter) So also be ready and on the look out for them!

Until next time; Gilplum bids you a plumming fantastic day


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