1.5 Oullette Continued

Siobhan had been sitting and staring at the test for a while now, unsure as to how she was supposed to react. It hadn’t registered quite yet that it was a positive on the pregnancy test, that would take another hour or so of staring at it, which, she did. When it did finally sink in, Siobhan felt like crying, she was so happy. She could already see her future out in front of her- a bunch of little munchkins running around her feet with Marie, Grey hairs and still as in love as ever. She knew Marie would be just as excited, even if the garden would be postponed. As soon as she returned to reality, she called Marie and demanded that she come to the observatory building, immediately. Marie arrived with curious excitement, giving Siobhan a hug. “Hey love, why’d you want me here Immediately?” Siobhan smiled widely, pulling the test out from behind her back. “This is why.” 02-25-17_1-05-07 AM.png(Unfortunately, I don’t have anything of them enjoying the baby until her second trimester which I’m barely going to touch over)

A few Months Later

“Y’know, I wish these brats would pop out already.” Siobhan groaned, looking at her swollen stomach. Her feet and back ached something horrible, and she still hadn’t been promoted at the Cafe she worked for- She wasn’t sure why, was it her colour or the fact she had to take nearly twenty minutes to commute in and out and had been nearly late numerous times?- Either way, she was going to need to stop working for good to take care of the twins- Yes, reader, you heard right- twins. Two boys, as the doctor had told her. Jack and Dereck, were the names that had been decided for the boys, but Siobhan just wanted them out of her stomach and in her arms, where their kicks hopefully wouldn’t hurt as much. She had decided that it didn’t matter how much she loved Marie, she was NOT going to carry another child, and she had made a strict rule that they wouldn’t have any more babies until the twins were children, at least, and well past toddler stage. Then, they could adopt, or Marie could carry the child. But with Siobhan, twice was just not going to happen. Siobhan let out another groan as she plopped onto the bed, tilting her head back. They had already added a room for the boys, but it would only be big enough for their cribs, and then their toddler beds. Marie said that they would either move or have enough money to expand a bit more by the time they got older, and Siobhan hoped so- ever since the honey moon they hadn’t been very good at saving like they had promised to do. It left Siobhan far too stressed in such a fragile state, and there had been more than enough scares with the pregnancy for the two to last a life time. Siobhan just hoped nothing else bad would happen- like the babies coming early. Just the thought of it made her imagine how it would go down, almost like it was the real thing-… Wait. That was definitely water, puddling on the bed around her. Great, now she jinxed herself. Siobhan gave a sharp cry as it felt like someone was trying to puree her insides, and Marie came running. “Siobhan?” Siobhan ground her teeth. “Hospital, now.”



forgot to mention, the next installation will skip over their Toddler years-simply because I got caught up in playing them instead of taking screenshots- again. Bad, bad Gil. But can i just say- Jack and Dereck are so cute ;’)


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