Failed Legacy

1.4 Honeymoon

Marie planned everything, from their first landing in Granite falls to their last moment on the honeymoon. While it was going to hurt her garden to be gone for a while, she was confident she could get everything back up and going when they got back. The first day was spent exploring their campgrounds and playing Horse shoe- well, Siobhan more so than Marie. They took turns camping in the one person camper until Marie got tired of it and they traded it for a double AirKushion, which lead to some… creative time wasting. 02-25-17_12-40-02-am Well into the second week of their honeymoon, while Marie was sleeping in, Siobhan decided to visit the falls. They were magnificent, and it seemed she could do yoga while in view of the falls, but while she was stretching, something didn’t feel quite right. Always the cautious one after their marriage, Siobhan retreated to the observatory building and had some hot dogs, but she was feeling incredibly fatigued. After finding out that the observatory had a rest/exercise room, she went and took a nap, only to wake up feeling worse than before! She went back home and brushed it off as allergies or maybe bad hotdogs, but after two more weeks of constant fatigue and general unwellness, Siobhan decided enough was enough. She waited until Marie was sleeping, and mare her way to the campground store, spending fifteen dollars on some things that would clear up what was wrong with her, currently. Though, she did have a feeling.. She packed the tests up int her bag and made her way back to the falls- currently the only place Siobhan knew had an actual bathroom and you didn’t have to rent it. Sitting anxiously with the test in her hand and waiting for a little positive or negative sign was starting to drive Siobhan up the wall, but it was worth it when only moments before she was about to give up, the sign developed.


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