Oullette Legacy 1.1


Marie sighed in accomplishment- Her new toilet and Shower stall meant no more smelling like garbage. The other day Marie asked one of the people who started the project if there was a way she could get money, perhaps a job- Because lets face it, while collecting frogs and stones and such could be fruitful sometimes, she didn’t always turn up with something worthwhile, and she had sold her Fossilized Whatzit to pay for the new items- plus the garden wouldn’t make more than ten dollars for her with one harvest- not with the low quality and amount! Luckily, the guy she talked to found a safe commute for her to a restaurant, where she worked her butt off all night. She’s bone tired every time she gets off her shift from work, and usually ends up sleeping most, if not all day the next day.

02-21-17_5-57-56 PM.pngThe next few weeks pass in a blur for Marie- Wake up at about two, eat, shower, tend to the garden for a bit, and then head off to work. The only thing that really keeps her going is her friendship with Siobhan that’s grown since their first meeting when she first got to New crest.02-21-17_6-21-49 PM.png The girl comes by as often as she can- whether its by choice or because Marie messaged her the girl isnt sure- but either way shes always happy to see her best friend. “Siobhan! I didnt think you were coming over today, i thought you had work!” Siobhan smiled- “Maybe i do, maybe I don’t, but does it really matter? I’m here, right?” Marie grins back and nods- before her inner teenager screams “Lets take a selfie!” (This is an old one, i dont use every selfie they take because otherwise i would run out of room at the snap of my fingers)02-21-17_6-40-25-pm It takes Marie a while, but she finally musters up the courage to ask the girl to move in with her- while all her money is in to savings instead of a house, she still thinks its a good idea for them- and apparently, Siobhan does too. “Of course! can you imagine- Besties under the same roof!” Siobhan gives Marie one of her extra tight hugs, and Marie cant help but wonder if she’s the only one that feels a little bit more than ‘Besties’. Marie realizes that living with someone else is going to be hard- it means more food consumption, costlier bills because not one but two people are using the plumbing, and Siobhan wants to buy pretty much everything she lays her eyes on. It’s endearing at times, but Marie is adamant about saving their money so they can afford a real house when the park is done- which usually causes silly fights between the two. they always make up afterwords, though. Despite their arguments, the feelings the two had for each other grew steadily, until finally, Marie acted. “Siobhan, come here please!” The woman called, Butterflies creating hurricanes in her stomach. A part of her was nervous- What if Siobhan rejected what she was about to do? Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long for the other girl, so that meant she had less time to worry. “Siobhan, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes..” 02-21-17_7-15-09-pm “Or don’t,” Marie was breathless, Siobhan had instigated the kiss! And now she was sure of it- “Siobhan, Lets go on a date.”


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