New packs/rewrite update

As of today, I will be going back and rewriting 1.0 to have more third person like p.o.v, And then I will rewrite 1.1 to be the same. I got the other three game expansion packs I was missing, so keep an eye out for those too! By the time 1.1 is posted, I will have 1.2 in the works. I’ll be updating daily, and with as much detail as i possibly can- Spas, Vampires, Camping, and Diners are in the future for our Marie and her descendants- Hopefully Gen.2 will be here soon 😉


Also! Expect some random Sims I created (I’ll tell ya if I made em!) to show up in the story. They WILL NOT be love interests, I just wanted to piddle around with the new CAS items I received with the new packs. SO to boil things down into a summary, Rewrites of 1.0/1.1/steady P.O.V, the three recent Expansion Packs, and Sims to help with the story line.


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