1.2 Date Proposals

Siobhan was adamant about going to Windenberg for their first date, specifically the Von Haunt estate, to meet Mimsy. Unfortunately, gilplum didn’t take any pictures of their dates, so he will just describe them before continuing with the story.

The first date was, as stated, spent at the Von Haunt estate. While the duo didn’t see any ghosts, they did do a bit of kissing in the maze- but only kissing, Siobhan claimed that Mimsy or her husband Bernard would see them from the viewpoint. Their second date was spent at the Spice festival, tasting exotic foods and meeting the locals. Marie was scared she would run into her family, but thankfully no one showed. When they got home, Marie asked Siobhan to become her girlfriend, and amazingly, she agreed. Their third date was actually spent at home in each others company, and Siobhan and Marie made out on the bed after Marie made them dinner. Their fourth date was at the park across from their home, and when they did get home, Marie had two surprises for Siobhan.. 02-22-17_10-07-38 PM.png “Siobhan Fyres, you are everything good in this world. You bring humor on my darkest days, and the most beautiful of smiles on the brightest. I would be the luckiest girl alive if you agreed to marry me. So, Siobhan, what do you say? Ready to become a Mrs. Oullette with me? 02-22-17_10-07-48 PM.png “YES!”

Marie finally decided that enough was enough, and she built them a house, the walls are bare and so is the floor, but a roof and four walls are all she needs when she has her soulmate right next to her.02-23-17_11-18-34 PM.png


This is really short and if i had remembered to take pictures like i was supposed to it might have looked a little longer. But yeah, every time Marie went for a little bit more Siobhan would shoot her down, and it was usually the end of the date after that. These two are so cute, I just love lesbian Founders.. adorable little babes. Also, and update on the garden. Since the two were so busy with work and dates I barely had enough time to prompt Siobhan or Marie to work on it, but the quality is getting up to excellent. Lets just hope i can get them to get married and have kids before they’re both too old, haha.


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