Oullette “Build Newcrest” Legacy 1.0

Hiya! My name is Marielle Oullette! French name for a french gal, right? Lets see, a little about me… Well, i was born Marielle Oullette- or, Marie by my family. I lived in Windenberg, and then we moved to San Myshuno when I was a teen… And believe me when i say that was NO place to raise a teenager and twin toddlers. As soon as I found out about this new subdivision, “Newcrest”, I knew that was where i wanted to live. Right, a bit personal, Sorry.  Anyways, I’m Family Oriented- must’ve been because of my little brother and sister- a Dance Machine, but i did live in the DJ Hotspot as a kid, so that’s self explanatory, a Perfectionist- my moms fault, “Everything has to be perfect!”- and a Collector. I want to become a free lance botanist, but for now, i want to be a little less.. well, homeless. I mean, don’t get me wrong i know what i was signing up for, but.. really, an empty lot is now way to start this off. Ah, I’ll manage by with a bed and plants. and a grill- gotta have a grill, even if the food doesn’t last long. My mom was the best at grilling- I think I’ll miss her most- next to Davion and Alyce, the twins. My dad left the picture just before the move to San Myshuno, and though she wont admit it, He’s definitely the reason why.

Anyways, here’s what my new pad looks like!

02-20-17_10-41-11 PM.png

I’ll admit, kind of boring, but live with what ya get, it could be worse- I could be sleeping on the ground right now! Anyways, I Should probably get start on planting some things, and maybe some lunch.. Or, let Gilplum start writing in third person again, oops.. Ta!

The Sun was shining and while her new home could definitely look more like a house than an empty field with the barest necessities, Marie decided that life could be much, much worse. As the unofficial Mayor of Newcrest, Her first job lay in building the park, and, well, meeting the locals. That hopefully wouldn’t be too much of a problem..  And, apparently, it wasn’t! Within the hour, Marie had noticed what had appeared to be a little family down the sidewalk, fishing together! Marie rushed over to introduce herself.


“Hi there! My name is Marielle Oullette, its very nice to meet you!” The Auburn haired woman seemed slightly taken aback, before she smiled as well. “Well, hello there! My name is Moira Fyres, and the two there behind you are my husband, Dominic, and my daughter, Morgan. I didn’t think anyone lived here yet!” Marie smiled, the oman seemed nice so far. “Yes,well, apparently I’m the first, Mrs. Fyres-” Moira interrupted her. “Oh please, call me Moira! Mrs. Fyres makes me feel like a grandma!”  They laughed. “Well then, Moira, I’m actually here to make Newcrest inhabitable! The unofficial mayor, if you will.” Marie grinned. “Well, that’ll be quite the feat! My family and I, dont live here exactly, you see..” Marie listened intently. “Well, I run a library back in Windenberg, and my husband is the leader of some dance club there..” The man behind Marie chimed in. “Spin Masters, honey. My name’s Dominic, by the way.” I nodded politely. “I already told her your name, but isnt she just dear!” Moira gave a healthy laugh- I liked it, the sound was nice. Maybe being away from people she had known all her life wouldn’t be such a bad thing. About twenty minutes later, Moira dashed off calling back that she had left something in the oven, so I turned to Dominic. Better to make nice with the whole family, right? “So, what’s it like? Running Spin Masters, I mean. Is it fun?” We went on to talk, but only a few short minutes later, the fishing pond had recaptured his attention. Marie gave a light hearted sigh, and moved to the last of the group, Morgan. “So, Morgan was it?” The girl looked like a total punk, and acted like it only moments into their chat, leaving abruptly. “Well, who’s next to meet, Newcrest?” She asked under her breath, before heading off. Apparently, Newcrest heard her, as an elderly lade was just walking in front of her lot when she go back. “Hey! Hi, my names Marielle Oullette- please, call me Marie!” the elderly woman said her name was Vivian Lewis, and told marie to call her viv- or even grandma Viv, if she so chose. “So, Viv! what brings you to Newcrest?” The elderly lady suddenly sneered before walking off. “Oh..kay, then. Next!” Marie kept her optimistic outlook, spending an hour collecting frogs and Stones- which lead to finding a Fossilized Whatzit! Marie could jump for joy- but instead starting looking around again. She could see Morgan off in the distance, and following behind her.. another Fyres? She must have missed this girl earlier- But Marie honestly had no clue how, the girl was Gorgeous!02-20-17_11-50-26-pm

“H-hi! My name is marie please call me Marielle- Wait, no- I mean, My name is Marielle, please call me Marie. And who are you?” The other girl seemed embarrassed. “My name is Siobhan Fyres. Its nice to meet you too.” They spent the next few hours talking, before she abruptly turned and walked away- apparently it was time to go home. Well, looking at the time, she didn’t argue, it was nearly eleven! So, after a quick meal of hotdogs, she settled in for the night- maybe tomorrow she could invite Siobhan over to hang out.


That’s it for the first day! A bit more about the Legacy rules I’ve chosen for heirs and stuff- Matriarchy : Females are only eligible for the heir- unless there are no females in which case the male will take place of the heir. Modern : Both adopted and natural born children are eligible for the position of heir. Democracy : You, the reader, will be able to chose the next heir. If there happens to be a tie, the first born- or first adopted- will be chosen. Species tolerant- species of the child does not determine eligibility for heir.

this will probably be updated every day- twice or even three times a day.


2 thoughts on “Oullette “Build Newcrest” Legacy 1.0

  1. Oh the rough starts! There’s something so fun about starting a fresh legacy and doing the whole lawn living thing 🙂 I like Marielle’s backstory, was she actually born in game or is that just for background purposes? Hope she and her descendants can build up the town of Newcrest to grandeur 🙂


    1. She is! She’s from one of my other saves that kept crashing, so I moved her out of the household, did some editing (her hair and freckles are cc), changed her last name (the original game save was “Legacy” for a side project I was doing) and moved her to newcrest! Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING! I saw that you had an actually made a very weird sound of excitement- I think my dog is slightly terrified of me now- and I’m rambling, jeez. I also hope she and her descendants will be able to make newcrest a home for everyone like your Bloomers did!

      Liked by 1 person

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